You very often ask me where to look for inspirations? How to make your ideas come to life?

Before you decide to buy different pieces of furniture it is worth checking if they go together good. Without doubt very useful will be creating so called moodboard. How to do it without appropriate computer programme and designer knowledge? You can do it in very easy and traditional way 😉

All you need is to print the inspirational photos found on the Internet or cut it from various magazines and catalogues and put it on a piece of paper. When you put it together like that it is easy to see what doesn’t fit or suit the rest.

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I always prepare the moodboards in computer program. Thanks to that I can put together already existing pieces with the new ones that I want to add to a room. This process is really useful. I can’t imagine working without the boards. I hope it will be helpful also for you while planning your children rooms 😉

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