It is September already so the new school year has begun. Soon students will have to start doing homework. How to make that nicer for them? It can be done by properly adjusting the height of the desk. As parents who spend their days sitting at a desk at work we know how painful for our backs can that be. Incorrect sitting position can cause serious health problems. This is why we have to teach our kids not to hunch over while sitting at a desk or kitchen table.


For adults there are set norms of how high should the desk or chair be to be comfortable but when it comes to kids the matter is more complex. Kids grow so fast it is hard to tell for how long will they be able to use the same desk. Is it better to fix it to the wall or buy free-standing one. When taking into consideration the price and children’s health the best option is to choose one that “grows together with your kid” so the one that has adjustable height. The most important thing is to check on regular basis if it needs adjusting. 😉

It is ideal when before buying our kid can sit at the desk and try it out. Then we know straight away if it is good for him or her. However, nowadays we tend to buy online so how to know if the furniture will be suitable? The rule is simple- we have to check right angle. While sitting properly (straight back, hands on the desk, feet toughing the ground) there needs to be right angle between arm and forearm and thigh and calf.


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source ergotest


If we already have a desk and chair of certain height but we can see that our kid doesn’t sit properly we can use various accessories. When feet are in the air we can put footstool so that feet and thigh are parallel to the floor. Older kids and teenagers can use special pillows behind their backs, it will help lower the back pain.

When it comes to the size of the desk top the rules aren’t that strict. Let’s try not to make it too big. The desk being too big will cause problems for children to reach things and will require him to get up from the chair. Of course when we want to buy desk that will be used for many years we can pick bigger one and then just put all the things within kids reach.

The lighting is also very important thing. It would be the best for it to be natural light. If it is possible the desk should be put near the window, on the site or in front of the window, try to avoid the situation when the window is behind chair and desk. The lamp sitting on the desk should be put on the right for people who use left hand to write and on the left for right-handed. By doing this we will avoid unnecessary shadows.


The most important is the range of adjustment. For desks that should be 20 centimetres and for chairs 10 or more. Check if the desk has adjustable top angle (from 0 to 40°). The top that is on slight angle help keep straight posture and it is easier for kids to write or draw this way. I would like to recommend for children to work on their various projects while standing up next to the desk. Only now as adults we start to understand how beneficial it is to work on our computers while standing up. It is good to create this habit in our children.

Chairs can be normal or swivel. It is important to be able to adjust it vertically. It shouldn’t be too heavy to move it easily. It can be equipped with armrests but that’s not necessary as long as our kid puts his arms on the desk. When buying chair with armrests you should check if they fit below the desk while still managing proper body posture when sitting. Teenagers and older kids can have chairs with adjustable back, just make sure the back of the chair is firm and properly set.

I have chosen a few desks and chairs that are practical, safe and pleasing to the eye.

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desk AZ Guillaume Bouvet, source: designemo

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double sided desk VOX Spot Young

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desk Home 04 Woodica

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desk,regular height Flexa

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Tripp Trapp Stokke

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Xact Kinnarps

Choosing desks and chairs is quite individual. We need to take into consideration few different things. The colour and price are not the most important. Remember that comfort and safety are the most vital.